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With CEREC, strong and beautiful restorations are possible in one single appointment!

CEREC is a computer-aided dental design and manufacturing technology for custom fabricating tooth-colored restorations — crowns, onlays, and veneers — on-site in the dental office.

The process goes like this:

The damaged tooth is prepared.
A reflective powder is applied to the tooth.
A digital image is made with an infrared camera that records the tooth’s exact dimensions and sends it to the *CAD/CAM computer.
The restoration is designed on the computer.

The color-matched restoration material is chosen and shaped in just a few minutes by the milling machine into a custom-fitted restoration

The restoration is inserted, cemented in place and polished.

Your bite is checked and any final adjustments are made.

CEREC provides extremely accurate restorations that require minimal tooth preparation, which means Dr. Pham can leave more of the healthy tooth structure intact. This technique offers beautiful, natural-looking restorations in one visit.

See the video below for a demonstration of the technique and more information.

*CAD/CAM: computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing

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