Crowns and bridges are used to repair damage and provide full protection to teeth or missing tooth or teeth respectively by completely covering the damaged teeth with permanent caps.  The permanent caps could be either porcelain fused to metal type or completely porcelain ones depending on the location and function of tooth or teeth that need the full protection.

If the structure of a tooth is too compromised to support a filling, a crown may be necessary to preserve it.  Tooth decay, cracked teeth, old dental works, or even severe cosmetic damage are all reason why a crown or crowns might be placed.  The tooth is prepared underneath to support and strengthen the internal structure to support the new crown.  The new crown is shaped to match your natural tooth’s contours and color, allowing you to bite and chew without any problems and for cosmetic cases, all porcelain crowns are the solution to not only protect your damaged teeth but also to recreate your smile to more youthful and esthetically pleasing.  Often crown or crowns can be done in one visit or you might have to wear temporary crowns for couple weeks.  With a professional luting agent, a crown is cemented permanently to the surface of the prepared tooth.

Porcelain crowns are similar in appearance to your natural teeth.  If additional strength is needed, as in the case with molars, a metal crown can be fused to porcelain to get the advantages of both materials.

A bridge is a permanent prosthetic device that can replace a missing tooth or even a few missing teeth.  It is supported by a pair of crowns on either side, to which it is anchored.  As with crowns, porcelain bridges can be used to return a natural looking, full smile to your face.

Crowns and bridges are made of long-lasting materials and with regular brushing and flossing, they can last as five years to as long as twenty years or more.  Routine dental check-up and home care are the important oral care habit to maintain your crowns and bridges work.

Our office of Harder Dental Corporation also offers same-day crowns made using CAD/CAM technology.  A digital impression of your teeth is taken, and our dental lab will mill a ceramic cap for your teeth, foregoing the need for temporary crowns or a return visit in a few weeks.  Same-day crowns are a durable and convenient option for those who need crowns.

Drs. Harder, Pham, and associates have many years of training and clinical experience in crown and bridge work.  They will work with you to explore the different options available for your restoration and help you decide on what type of crown or bridge that is right for you in both function and esthetics.  If you have any questions regarding crowns and bridges, or to make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our Irvine dentists at Harder Dental Corporation, please call our office today.

Missing Tooth: Bridge


Missing Tooth: Maryland Bridge


Missing Tooth: Cantilever Bridge


Tooth Decay: Crown


Cusp Fractures: 3/4 crown


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