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A mouth full of metal is not only distracting to others but can detract from your appearance.  In some cases, older restoration methods use materials that you don’t want to be a permanent addition to your body, such as the mercury and other heavy metals in silver amalgam fillings.

Modern dental technology has progressed to allow for safer, stronger, and more visually appealing results from cosmetic dental procedures.  Cosmetic dentistry is more than elective treatments for superficial problems.  It is a form of restorative dentistry with its primary focus not only in the esthetics, function but also in improving your overall oral health.

Many smiles have been improved through cosmetic dentistry.  Some of the cosmetic dental treatments available at Harder Dental Corporation include:

Your smile is one of the most important factors of your appearance.  Keep it healthy and beautiful with the help of cosmetic dental procedures readily available at the Harder Dental Corporation.

Drs. Harder and Pham are Irvine cosmetic dentists who offer their services to patients of all ages.  If you want to experience the benefits of practical and visually pleasing dental work, call us today to make an appointment.

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