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ViziLite® Plus with TBlue® is the leading oral cancer screening system available. It was developed to help oral healthcare professionals find, mark, and monitor suspected precancerous cells and cancer that may be difficult to see during a regular visual exam. The screening takes only 90 seconds to perform.

Oral cancer is a serious, sometimes life-threatening, illness that can go unnoticed before it has progressed to later stages. A quarter of all oral cancer patients have no lifestyle risk factors such as smoking. As with any cancer, early detection is key. When oral cancer is found early the treatment is less invasive and outcomes are far better. See your dentist or other oral healthcare provider regularly and request oral cancer screening, particularly if you are a tobacco user, heavy drinker or have been exposed to HPV, all which are considered risk factors.

Ask our office about the ViziLite® Plus for oral cancer screening today. If you would like to learn more about ViziLite ® Plus and Oral Cancer, please go to FAQs section of our office’s website and click on the PDF files located at the bottom of the web page.

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