Invisalign is among the most comfortable methods for improving and straightening your smile. With this option, patients can align their teeth through the use of transparent, invisible aligners that are also removable. Over time, teeth gradually move towards a straighter, more natural-looking orientation. Before getting Invisalign, you may be interested in some facts and considerations. Here are several to keep in mind.

Invisalign Requires Work from Your Part

During Invisalign treatment, you have more control on the outcome of the treatment. Patients who are committed to the treatment and wear the aligners for the recommended amount of time per day are likely to see the most ideal results. If you are preparing for this procedure, note your specific activities for each day and determine a schedule that works for you.

Follow-Up Adjustments

Clear aligners can remain effective if you follow the recommended amount of adjustments. Your orthodontist will schedule follow-up appointments with you in advance. During these appointments, you can expect to receive a new set of trays to add to your treatment and continue the progression of the teeth straightening process. To maintain constant supervision of the treatment, it is important to check in with your dentist or orthodontics specialist.

Dental Hygiene with Aligners

Aligners are contrasted from metal wires or brackets in that they are removable. You can continue to enjoy most of your regular meals over the course of the treatment plan. While brushing or cleaning your teeth, be sure this is done before you place your aligners on. There is a chance that food or other particles can become trapped under aligners. Without cleaning or brushing, they can contirbute to the occurrence of tooth decay.

There are additional follow-up steps to understand as well regarding Invisalign. For additional information, contact or schedule a consultation at Harder Dental Corporation.

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