Numerous dental patients experience the process of wisdom tooth removal. With a treatment of this nature, there are numerous questions to be asked as well. A significant one that is valuable to highlight is the type of foods a patient can eat after oral surgery. Most dentists have patients follow some considerations to make in choosing their meals during oral surgery recovery. There are a few notes to abide by, but there are also a group of foods that patients can eat after a procedure.


Smoothies are a valuable way for post-oral surgery patients to receive their regular vitamins and protein. There are many combinations and recipes that patientscan try out. These include banana, plain Greek yogurt, Vanilla Protein Powder, and more.


With eggs, patients receive a good intake of high-quality protein along with vitamins, minterals, and carotenoids. Eggs have important properties such as lutein and zeaxanthin that can help patients fight disease. You can start with scrambled or hard-boiled eggs, which are easy to chew and present minimal discomfort to your mouth.


Both sweet or mashed potatoes are excellent options for the post-oral surgery plate. They are healthy and simple to cook, with simple baking procedure all that is necessary. Some options include soups, rice, risotto, tofu, pasta, and fish.

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